Non-Skating Officials

NSO’s for 2016 Season

Alicia Eldridge (Head NSO), Angelina Calatozzo, Megan Sutch, Lisa WIlliamson, Eileen Rotanz, Missy Bonham, Eillen Cawley Paynton, Sarah Mackenzie, Carolyn Hanshew, Melissa Ayne, Vicki Hengeveld, Sandie Brown, Teresa Garrison Heft, Angela Evans, Steve Malloy, and Raquel Riadical.

pound and short cake

Are you interested in roller derby but you don’t have the time or inclination to skate?  Consider volunteering as a Non-Skating Official!  NSOs are vital to the production of a roller derby game.  NSOs track the score, penalties, and lineups during the bout.

Many of our current NSOs are girls currently awaiting fresh meat or scrimmage certification, so we are always looking for new volunteers!  There is no experience required.