June’s Derby High

June 27, 2016

The adrenaline from playing in a bout is sometimes so intense, you can seriously ride it out for a few days. If you weren’t at the bout this past weekend, man did you miss out! First of all, a sincere thank you to Penn Jersey Roller Derby (PJRD) for coming out. Like, fo’ realz. I am in awe with everything these men exemplified. We played against some of them last year, but other than that.. we haven’t had exposure to them, or playing co-ed in general. That being said, they were supportive, helpful, patient, and made this an unforgettable event, for me at least haha. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been playing derby for almost four years now and a lot of challenging games are a part of that. However, the challenges I was up against were so different that the game flew by! I would do my normal thing, you know.. bull dog style.. AND I BOUNCED RIGHT OFF OF THEM! Phew. Talk about frustrating. Adapt and over come. Rule number one of derby. Well, actually.. rule number two. Number one is, and forever will be, derby stance. At any rate, I am in derby love. Most skaters, definitely not all, but most thrive off of finding things they aren’t good at. It creates goals and opportunities to grow and evolve as a player. And skating against/with men is my new challenge. They speed the game up. They fly through the pack like wrecking balls with minimal back blocks. They stop you dead in their tracks with minimal effort. I could honestly gush for hours about how amazing it was to play with the guys this weekend. Sadly, the white team triumphed over the black team and MVP awards were earned by Julia Bullya, Zombi, Rizzo the Riveter, and I Farted. Yes, yes. That really is his name. So, I would like to issue yet another thank you to PJRD for being so awesome and having fun with us this weekend. Hopefully we can do it again really soon!

Later skaters,


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