fresh meat

Congratulations, fresh meat!

The Bux-Mont Roller Derby Dolls would like to welcome our newest members, our fresh meat class of 2015!  Welcome to Alaine Asylum, Amandaconda, BluEyed Angel, Bri-otch, Dimebag Darlene, Ei Candy, Gilltrocity, GoNadz, Kayla, Lady Harker, Nite’Mare, Omega, Periodic Mable, Poptart, and Slim Shade E!  Tonight, all of our skaters will be sorted into our 2015

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Fall fresh meat program

Always wanted to try roller derby?  The Bux-Mont Roller Derby Dolls are looking for new skaters.  Our 2016 season is coming to a close, and we are beginning our recruitment for the 2017 season.  Our fresh meat program begins Thursday, November 10th, at 8:00 PM at Inline 309 in Hatfield, PA.  Skaters should plan to arrive

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Welcome to our graduating fresh meat!

Congratulations to BAD JuJu, Shelby-N-Pain, and Blocka Kahn, who all passed fresh meat tryouts last night! Want to join derby? Now’s the perfect time. We’re about to start our next eight week fresh meat program. You can always stop by a practice off skates first to see what we’re all about. Need gear? Talk to

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