featured member

Featured Skater: Evil Beauty, #12

Evil Beauty has been with Bux-Mont since the league started as a handful of girls skating on (and getting kicked off of) some tennis courts during the winter.  She has gone from being a skater who worried about making five laps in a minute to being one of the fastest and most talented skaters in

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Featured Skater: Iron Maiden, #46

    We are featuring members of the Dolls here to introduce you to our skaters and the people who make our league run. Our newest featured member is Iron Maiden, #46! Iron Maiden started with us this year and she has quickly become a formidable blocker and a respected jammer! Her fitness level has

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Featured Skater: Nitromethane, #777

Our next featured Doll is also one of this month’s poster girls! Today we’re introducing you to the Slam Bam Ma’ams’ own Nitromethane, #777. Nitromethane has become one of the league’s most formidable blockers, but she still manages to be one of our most humble skaters as well. She’s currently rostered on our All Star

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