Alright, Alright. Back on Track

May 12, 2017

Hey! Hey you! Yeah, my bad. I disappeared. Buuuuut BRDD has been continuously working hard and I am so proud to say WE ARE GROWING. I have the honor of being the head coach this year and the amount of progress all of the women have made is inspirational and admirable!


Now, if you’re even remotely connected to this fabulous derbiverse, you probably have heard about the loads of rule changes that were released and implemented this year. Our refs have been tirelessly studying and reviewing these rules and are doing amazing with them all!

A couple of the biggest rule changes to keep an eye out for as you come support your favorite derby girls this year!

  1. When a skater receives a penalty, they leave the track and can skate in either direction to the penalty box. No longer derby direction only.
  2. If a skater is knocked out of bounds and accidentally comes back in bounds without yielding to the skater that knocked them out, they hop off the track to avoid the track cut. However, the amount of time that can pass before they do receive the cut track, is minuscule. You literally have to already be making the effort to yield when you come back on the track lol.
  3. Helmet covers MUST remain visible during game play! That’s right! No more star stashes.

Our next bout day is May 20th! Doors open at 5 and I better see you all there!



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